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Katharina Ackenheil / Mechthild Neyses-Eiden

Guide / Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier

(Schriftenreihe des Rheinischen Landesmuseums Trier 43A)
Erscheinungsjahr:  2020
Umfang:  75 S. mit zahlreichen Farbabbildungen
Einband:  Broschiert
ISBN / Artikelnr.:  978-3-944371-15-3

The Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier is one of most important archaeological museums in Germany. On an area of 3 500 square metres the permanent exhibition presents finds and artwork from 200 000 years of regional history and takes the visitor on a journey from the Stone- and Bronze Ages to the Celts, Romans and Francs, then on through the Middle Ages to the end of the Trier electoral state. This handy guide contains a selection of texts and artefacts from the exhibition that provide an insight into this unique collection.

At the heart of the exhibition are the finds from the Roman Age. These include exceptional artefacts such as the largest collection of mosaics in Central Europe, massive stone funerary monuments with vivid depictions of everyday life and the world's largest preserved hoard of gold coins from the Roman Imperial Period.

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